Walter Billingsley's

Pieces of Nature

The Inspiration

Throughout his childhood, Walter lived near waterways and forested areas, and found solace in spending time

in these, and other settings of

Mother Nature.

Intrigued by the rhythms he heard 

as the winds blew,

as the critters scurried,

by the falling of misty rain,

he found musical motifs being hummed in his mind.
It wasn't’t until age 15 while sitting on the bank of a lake watching sunset, that he realized these melodic thoughts
should be stored for future exploration..
This Sunset was a musical experience,
and motifs were stored.

With no piano at the lakeside, he ‘saved’ his thoughts until he reached the piano keys, six hours later. Questioning his memory,  Walter was relieved to be humming the motifs again. After two hours of experimental development, he emerged with his first composition he called 'Lakefire'.

Musical influences of nature became an ever-present inspiration that allowed the rhythms of nature to inspire other compositions including “Butterfly Waltz”,
“Rhapsody for Ocean Blue”, Bubbling Spring,
Rain Waltz and others. Walter’s development of these musical motifs has resulted in a collection of refreshingly new pieces for piano that he is excited to share with others.
He calls this collection of nature-inspired,
'contemporary-classical' style compositions for piano

'Pieces of Nature'

In 1995 Walter was offered the opportunity to record Pieces  of Nature on the Imperial Boesendorfer on stage in the acousticlly acclaimed, Frank Lloyd Wright designed, Branscomb Auditorium on the campus of
Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL.  This opportunity was afforded Walter through the graciousness of the late Prof. Robert MacDonald, who had listened, reviewed and critiqued the Pieces collection. Recording engineer, Ron Powell, of Vista Audio Productions, and Walter spent early morning hours with equipment, a warming no A/C auditorium, the engineer's expertise, Walter's talents, and the mighty Imperial pianoforte. Walter was preparing to honor
Mr. MacDonald's statement that
"...the pure sounds of the single-strung Boesendorfer would be perfect for Walter's intricate blend of
melody and harmony."

Esteemed Pianist

Colleague & Friend

The Late

."Imaginative themes, always holding the listener's interest."                                                 Estemmed pianist colleguge and friend

​The late Robert MacDonald​ c

"Music for the Heart​  *   Music for the Soul

Music  for  All  Worlds"

                 Nan Penny Gaines     Music afficianado

                                           Dear Friend/Encourager

."...I hear Ravel and DeBussy ..."


Rain Waltz is .."Satie-esk, which is why it is so beautiful
      Chelle Field Doyel    Jazz pianist
      Fmr. Prof. of composition USF


Pieces of Nature was reviewed by pianist and colleague Chelle Field Doyel, who considered Rhapsody for Ocean Blue Walter's 'masterpiece' and offered to orchestrate the work. The orchestral score is yet to be premiered.


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